First Post

Welcome to the new Dark and Spooky Site! Don’t be fooled by the title. This site is all about celebrating  the latest dark aesthetic trends. We’ve been living the darker side of culture our whole lives. It isn’t a phase as many people suggest. Rather, it’s a lifestyle.

Over the last 16 years, we’ve been working and building a site that some of you may know or have been members of, Vampirefreaks. With almost 7.5 million profiles since inception, we know a thing or two about what people who like the darker things in life want. Whether it’s information on dark themes in movies, television programs, advertising, literature (including comics and graphic novels), fashion, music, home products, toys, art or magazines, we’re on top of the trends.

We invite our members and fans to submit ideas and information on these categories and others that celebrate the darker aspects of culture. While this period of our history isn’t quite as observant of dark aesthetics like the Victorian era and is frankly skittish about death, dying and more morbid things, we want to bring these observations to you because we know what you want to learn and know about. We’re not just high-brow, but would like to think our readers and contributors are more than just about dark music, where many trends come from.

Popular culture has actually adopted many of the things we love. In retail stores you’ll find upside down crosses and skulls emblazoned on clothing. Furniture has taken a decidedly dark look to it with dark purples, burgundy’s and blues (and always black, because, well, we love black!). Toys, games, movies and television has also taken on a far more gloomy theme and while once simply set-aside as a sub-culture, alternative groups that enjoy dark aspects of our society are finding themselves as part of, rather than as a outside from, the main culture. Sure, some of you detest the idea of being “included”, but remember, copying you is indeed the sincerest form of flattery!

Enjoy this historic transition to a more gloomy, morbid and shadowy culture and read-on about the many categories and things that we enjoy. Whether you want to celebrate Halloween 365 days of the year, or simply visit to learn more about what is happening on the dark-side of each category, we’re happy to have you and welcome your feedback! Stay dark and spooky!