Asylum Hair Dye is Now Lunatik

Hello to our dearest and most patient supporters.  The time has come!  Yes after a few unfortunate delays we have our first batch completed and is NOW IN STOCK!!  We will be shipping out to our customers and supporters over the next few days.

We did have to change our name from ‘Asylum’ to ‘Lunatik’ due to some legal issues with Manic Panic, so please check out our new site at:


Hair Dye Updates!

Hey guys! As you have probably received our email updates on the campaign, we have experienced numerous unforeseen delays in the hair dye production but we are expecting to receive the final product in the next few weeks. The hair dye bottles / labels / packaging is all done but we’re still waiting on the actual hair dye. We do however have all of the merchandise rewards (tshirts, hoodies and stickers), so we are now sending out any merchandise rewards and stickers to anyone who has ordered merch or hair dye. We apologize once again for the delays and we are looking forward to giving you a superior hair dye product.

Asylum hair dye tube label

Progress Update!

We’ve been making great progress, even though it is a bit slower than we had hoped. Once we got all the formulas perfected we hit a couple delays with the product stability / shelf-life testing, and we also had to unexpectedly switch manufacturers since the other facility changed their terms and required a higher minimum order.

Good news is that the hair dye production is in progress. We are now looking at a late October / Halloween release date. A fitting time of year for us indeed. We also currently have the packaging and label printing due to be done soon. For anyone that ordered tshirts / hoodies, these are also underway! Really sorry for the delay guys! We are doing the best we can, and you can rest assured that we will deliver the product, even if we have had some delays.

VampireFreaks has been around for almost 15 years, we’re not going anywhere and we will make sure we deliver! =) For now, check out our awesome label design, courtesy of Mike Saga!
Each label will feature our logo and artwork on a clear squeezable vertical tube, making it easy to apply and so that you can see the hair dye color showing through.
In the meantime we’ve also been coming up with some new colors for the second batch of colors, we’ll keep you posted!
Thanks for your support, we love you guys!



WE DID IT!!! The Asylum Hair Dye Campaign hit over 100% of our goal last night, with only a few hours to spare! Thanks to everyone who continues to support us, we are forever in your debt and we appreciate your investment in our project. We love you.


Frostbite – pastel blue hair dye added to first 5

If you contributed to the campaign you should have received an email asking to vote on which hair dye color you prefer. Based on your answers, and based on the poll we posted on VampireFreaks, we’ve decided to make ‘Frostbite’ one of the first 5 colors. This means that ‘absinthe’ green got pushed back a bit to make room for ‘Frostbite’. The complete set of the first 5 colors is:

Frostbite (light blue)

Bloodlust (blood red)

Asphyxiation (royal blue)

VF Purple (royal purple)

Killer Candy (hot pink)

Thanks for your support!
We’re at 43% of our goal thanks to 190 funders!   We love you <3

Once our campaign is over we will send you another email to ask for your order details and shipping info.

Note – even if we don’t reach 100% of our goal, we will still produce the first 5 colors of hair dye but we need your help to be able to produce more colors and to be able to have better packaging and build the business without accumulating too much debt.    So please tell your friends about us, we only have 12 days left!
Support our Campaign! Pre-order the hair-dye and get awesome perks!

Make sure you check out the gallery on our site for more product images!

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Updates – Free VF Bracelets!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us so far, we’re at over 30% of our goal thanks to 137 funders!
As a special thank you, everyone who has donated $25 or more now gets one of our awesome new VampireFreaks Rubber Bracelets!

Also, we had a few people asking if Asylum Hair Dye is Vegan:
We double-checked all the hair dye ingredients with the lab and we’re happy to report that there are no animal products in our Hair Dye and it is totally Vegan! In addition we do not conduct any animal testing.

We also have a website! You can check out more pictures and info on our Hair Dye. Check it out at

We’ve also had a number of questions asking how to pick your hair dye once you’ve placed your order! Once our crowdfunding campaign is over, we will be personally contacting all of our supporters to get your color choices and confirm your mailing address. Thanks for your support, we love you!

Check out the Asylum Hair Dye Indiegogo to pre-order your dye and get awesome perks

We’re on our way!

We hit 20% of our goal in a week thanks to 92 funders! Thanks to everyone for their support so far, you guys ROCK!

Also we had a few questions regarding how to choose what colors you want after you contributed: We will email you once the campaign is over to ask for any details about your order such as hair dye colors / tshirt sizes / etc.

Thanks again for your support, we couldn’t do it without you!

Click HERE to check out our campaign!

Asylum Hair Dye – Winning Names

Thanks to everyone that participated in the ‘hair dye naming’ contest for Asylum Hair Dye! Here are the winners:

Color Names By:
Absinthe: madmaestro2021
Asphyxiation: Trista
Bloodlust: red666rum
VF Purple: jet
Killer Candy: 3ofcups
Clockwork: ymlie
Violent Violet: NyxaNightmare
Frostbite: Gothica_59
Toxic Waste: ChloeVonCreepy
Each winner gets free Hair Dye once we get it produced.
Note – there were a few instances where more than one person suggested the same name, if that name was a winner, the first person to name the color was chosen.
Don’t forget to check out the Asylum Hair Dye crowdfunding campaign to find out more about the hair dye and get some cool rewards! Thanks to everyone that’s supported so far!

alienbaby blue purple hair dye blurple

VampireFreaks Presents: ASYLUM HAIR DYE!

After working on our new Asylum Hair Dye brand and testing different formulas for over a year, we’ve finally come up with a superior dye that is extremely bright and vibrant, lasts longer, and is better for your hair. Now that we have the final product we’re ready to go into production and we’re asking for your support!

Join our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and get first-dibs on our hair dye at a discounted early-bird price. In addition we’ve got some other fun perks and exclusive rewards. Check out the campaign to see our hair dye models, the available colors, and more info on our project. Special thanks to the VF members for helping us come up with the color names, and thanks to the VF models and hair dye testers for your support!
We’re really excited to be coming out with our own custom hair dye product!

CLICK HERE for our new project – Asylum Hair Dye